Farmers have a very busy life which in holidays are not always possible due to their workload, therefore any little thing that will make life easier but proving beneficial is welcome. Stewardship hedgerows form many miles of boundaries around agricultural fields either as demarcation of the land in terms of arable fields or for stock proofing to keep animals in the location where they are meant to be.

To ensure success of new hedgerows you can find our bamboo canes and spiral tree guards to provide the essential protection for new farm hedges planted in areas suceptible to rabbit damage.

As part of this process maintaining hedgerows, planting new ones and infilling can take up a lot of time, more especially so if the farmer discovers that the weather has played havoc with the new plants, laying them flat on the ground as opposed to perky and upright, or if the voracious rabbit and mouse populations have taken a liking to the tender new plants and made a good supper out of them. Various Sundries are available to help prevent some of this damage, for example bamboo canes which come in an assortment of weights and heights can support a plant until it has established its root system in the ground and is strong enough to withstand whatever the weather throws at it.

Included in the Sundries to minimise damage from animals that love the tender new shoots and stems of young bare rooted plants, spiral guards are a must as placed around a plant with support from a bamboo cane they afford important protection to the main stem of the plant, then as the plant strengthens with age it pushes the guard away and it is no longer of interest to the small animals. So in spending a little extra time and money in the beginning with these Sundries the farmer may save himself time and expense later on.

A friendly heads up about our stewardship hedging sundries……

Products in our Farm Stewardship Hedging section are priced on a wholesale basis for larger scale farm and professional users and so in the spirit of wholesale, a minimum order value of £250 (excluding VAT) applies. We still accept orders below this value, but we must point out that they will automatically attract a £49 (excluding VAT) delivery charge to cover our packing, administration and delivery costs fully on these low margin products.

If your order is significantly under £250 it would almost certainly be more economical for you (after the delivery cost has been applied) to order from our main accessories page where the plants may cost a little more but delivery is free on orders over £60 (ex VAT).