In creating new hedgerows quite often planting must be done in exposed and windy areas. Because of this the plants, especially if small, young bare root seedlings are used, as is often the case with Farm Stewardship hedging when such large areas are to be covered, (especially when using a spiral guard for rabbit protection) can need a support in the form of Bamboo Canes.

With bare rooted plants, their very nature means that all energy goes into getting the roots established initially so having the support of a Bamboo Cane will minimise any movement in the ground caused by persistent wind, thus enabling the plant to stabilise and root well. Bamboo Canes of course are also useful for propping up larger plants where Farm Stewardship requires infilling an existing taller hedge so that the plants grow as straight as possible to match in with the existing plants.

Another problem beset by farmers are pests such as rabbits and other small animals which can create havoc with new plants in which case the farmer would need to protect them in the early stages with a spiral rabbit guard to prevent any damage to the main stem. The spiral guard on its own can be a bit weighty around a very young bare root plant, bending the plant so much that the hedge grows more parallel than vertical, so the addition of a Bamboo Cane pushed in the ground next to the plant will help to support the spiral guard and the plant letting it grow in a natural upright position. Bamboo Canes come in various grades and lengths dependent upon the use for which they are required, bearing in mind that they can be used for protecting other plants by creating crop protection cages, frameworks and wigwams to grow crops such as beans and raspberries.

A friendly heads up about our stewardship bamboo canes……

Products in our Farm Stewardship Hedging section are priced on a wholesale basis for larger scale farm and professional users and so in the spirit of wholesale, a minimum order value of £250 (excluding VAT) applies. We still accept orders below this value, but we must point out that they will automatically attract a £49 (excluding VAT) delivery charge to cover our packing, administration and delivery costs fully on these low margin products.

If your order is significantly under £250 it would almost certainly be more economical for you (after the delivery cost has been applied) to order from our main bamboo cane page where they may cost a little more but delivery is free on orders over £60 (ex VAT).