Acer Flamingo (Flamingo Maple) Acer Negundo Flamingo

This is a faster growing variety of Maple Tree that will attain a height of up to 5 metres or more in 20 years still making it suitable for most smaller or moderate sized gardens, especially if the plants are hard pruned each spring growing it like a large shrub – this will provide the best bright pink variegation. (Occasionally a completely green leafed branch may be produced, these should be removed by pruning back to the main stem)

The Flamingo Maple is a relative of the Japanese Maples but is not a Japanese variety, this means it is in fact a hardier plant and easier to grow, especially if your garden doesn’t quite provide the degree of shelter required for its more delicate cousins.

Acer Flamingo Trees are suitable for growing in full sun or partial shade, they make good lawn specimens and are ideal for adding height into larger flower beds or a woodland area. They also look great when grown in large containers where their colourful foliage will brighten any patio or terrace. The lighter and brightly coloured foliage makes a good contrast with darker leaved plants and flowers and this useful little tree has a long season of interest, right through the season.

Once established Acer Flamingo requires little maintenance, a balanced feed in spring will keep growth strong and healthy together with a suitable mulch of bark chippings or similar to retain moisture in summer. Many gardeners choose to prune them in early spring before the leaves emerge, whether you grow this fabulous little tree as a shrub or a tree – this will improve the foliage colour.

The Flamingo Maple is suitable for all soil types provided that good drainage can be provided. When planting the young trees we always recommend adding rootgrow to give them a good start.