Very ornamental birches both with striking features have been combined to produce a relatively new hybrid the Birch Royal Frost or Betula Royal Frost to add to the Betulaceae family. Developed in the United States of America in the late 20th century the Betula populifolia Whitespire has given its stunning white bark to the new variety whilst the Betula Crimson Frost has given its superb purple / burgundy foliage as a contrast.

Royal Frost Birch trees, as with other birches will lend itself to being planted as a single specimen with its pyramid shape and amazing colours or again in groups to emphasise its beauty. It is more at home in the northern hemisphere so is comfortable growing up to 2000 metres above sea level as it would suffer at the very high temperatures of more southern climes. An added advantage being a new hybrid is its resistance to the bronze birch borer.

As with most birches Royal Frost birch trees is easy to grow and is happiest growing in moist areas irrespective of the type of soil. It can attain a height of 10 metres or more with a spread of more than 3 metres and to show off its foliage to its best potential should be grown in full sun or partial shade at the very least. In spring, the leaves are complemented by small green flowers which then develop into cone like fruits containing winged seeds. If pruning is required to inhibit the size of the tree it is advisable to do so when dormant as when the sap is rising the tree will ‘bleed’ if cut.

Birch Royal Frost is supplied as a pot grown plant indicating that it can be included in a landscaping scheme for planting 12 months of the year. Pot grown plants have the benefit of being able to sit in the pot, so long as they are watered regularly, until the ground is prepared or, if the weather is inclement and planting must be postponed.

If you telephone any of our team with your horticultural questions or queries whether it is regarding the purchase and planting of Royal Frost birch trees, or any other species we will be happy to assist you.