Flamingo Willow Trees (Salix integra Hakuro Nishiki)

This is a very tough and easy to grow little deciduous Willow that is perfect for adding a little height and colour to a flowerbed without getting too large, they also make a great container plant, especially as a pair either side of an entrance. Mini ‘avenues’ of them can look very effective ‘popping up’ from borders of smaller plants to give a sense of gently formality, even in a modestly sized garden.

Flamingo Willow Trees are suitable for all soil types including poorer or heavy clay soil, grow them in full sun for the best foliage colour and prune them back regularly (at least once a year) as this treatment will produce the best and most eyecatching leaf colouration.

Our Flamingo Willow Trees are grafted onto an 80cm stem to give a little height where the beauty of its foliage can be appreciated, they are unlikely to get much taller, other than the ‘bush’ at the top of the stem which if pruned annually then the tree will be little more than 120cm or so high ultimately making this colourful and unudsual little tree suitable for even the smallest of gardens.