Kilmarnock Willow Trees

This graceful form of Willow is grafted onto an 80cm stem so that the weeping branches and spring catkins can be appreciated. Willows are tough and hardy plants that will grow in all types of soil including poor soil and heavy clay. Best grown in full sun or just a touch of shade.

Use Kilmarnock Willow Trees as container plants, especially as a pair either side of a gate or entrance. They also look effective planted into a mixed bed or border amongst smaller plants and flowers to bring a little height. These dwarf trees are unlikely to get much taller, instead developing into a broader fountain of lush green summer foliage. After the leaves fall they will produce increasing numbers of fluffy catkins each spring that look great, especially if underplanted with spring bulbs or flowers to produce a very cheerful spring display that will be especially popular as an early season nectar source for the bees.

Kilmarnock Willow Trees need very little maintenance, should the crown of plants become congested then its advisable to thin out the branches now and again in winter, always pruning away the oldest wood to leave the younger shoots that will provide the best numbers of catkins each spring. A spring mulch is always good to counter any particularly dry spells in summer, and a balanced fertiliser could be added at the same time to get the best from your Kilmarnock Willow Trees.

Our Kilmarnock Willow Trees are grown in pots making them suitable for planting at any time of year as there is no root disturbance. When planting we always recommend adding rootgrow to the planting hole as the mycorrhizal fungi will give them the very best start in your garden.