Laburnum Trees For Sale (Laburnum x watererii Vossii) Golden Rain Tree

One of the most popular spring flowering trees Laburnum x watereri Vossii is a particularly free flowering Laburnum, dramatically bursting forth with a flush of lemon yellow flowers in late spring earning it the common name of the Golden Rain tree.

The exceptionally long fragrant racemes of pea shaped flowers trail down up to 50cm accompanied by deep green delicate leaves and followed by long pods of shiny black seeds. This gorgeous ornamental won’t make you wait for colour as it can bloom at a very young age, even when less than a metre tall.

As a small vase shaped tree it has an attractive neat form that requires no pruning and in a prominent spot makes an eye-catching specimen. Laburnum is versatile and can be grown as a shrub, unusual hedge or even fan-trained as a screen or living fence. Grown over an arch or pergola is where it really shines (quite literally) the golden bunches of flowers hang down in a similar fashion to wisteria. Stunning golden walks can be created linking areas of the garden and ‘Vossii’ is perfect for this with its fragrant racemes that can reach up to half a metre long.

All of our Laburnum Trees for sale on this page are grown in pots making them suitable for planting all year round as there is no root disturbance. We always recommend adding rootgrow when planting to give your young tree the best start in life.

A hardy and easy to grow tree that is tolerant of a wide range of soil types and situations needing little more than reasonable drainage.  However, these are shallow rooted trees so will benefit from mulching with compost for the best flowers. It rarely grows taller than 5 metres so is suitable for any size garden.

A note of caution, all parts of Laburnum are poisonous to humans.