Koeleria glauca is a semi evergreen grass, the old foliage should be left over the Winter as this will protect the crown of the plant from inclement weather conditions and will still provide structure and interest, especially on frosty days. Cut them back close to the ground in February or March before the new foliage emerges. The cut stems and foliage is useful as a natural mulch or may be composted.

In milder Winters the blue-green will persist all year.

How to grow Koeleria Glauca
Position: Sun or partial shade.
Foliage: Semi-evergreen grass, foliage dies down in colder Winters, persists in milder Winters.
Soil and site: Any well drained soil.

Flowering time: Summer

Growth rate: Moderate
Ultimate height and spread: up to 50cm x 50cm

Hardiness:  Fully Hardy
Aftercare: Water regularly after planting and through the first season until established. Cut to ground level in early Spring.