Plum Purple Leaved or to give it its Latin name, Prunus Cerasifera Nigra from the family Rosaceae, is a deciduous native plant of southeast Europe and western Asia although now naturalised in Britain and some areas of North America.

As with many species of cherry plum, the purple leaved variety produces blossom early in the season in March and April to give a beautiful colour when its leaves and the blossom and leaves of other plants are yet to appear.

Either for use as a very ornamental shrub or a spectacular coloured hedge it makes for a wonderful addition to the garden. It can be used either as a single species hedge with its amazing purple/black foliage and contrasting pink flowers or to equally as wonderful planted with Plum Myrobalan to give a tapestry effect. If the latter then we recommend planting one Myrobalan Plum to two Purple Leaved as it is a slightly less vigorous plant. The dark purple fruits produced are sometimes used in jam-making as they can be a little sharp to eat. Prunus cerasifera nigra is also occasionally used in bonsai.

In order to get the best colour from the foliage Plum Purple Leaved is best planted in full sun in any reasonable slightly moist but well drained soil. It will tolerate some shade but some leaf colour will be forfeited. Hedge planting density for Plum Purple Leaved to grow to 1-2 metres in height would be between 3-5 plants per metre and would need to be trimmed after flowering.

As Plum Purple Leaved is pot grown it can be planted an any time of year, however do bear in mind that if planted with Plum Myrobalan to get the tapestry effect, and is supplied as bare root then planting would need to be between November and March.

Any questions or queries you may have with reference to Plum Purple Leaved then please direct them to one of our team by ringing the office and we will endeavour to help.