English Yew Cone shape topiary plants simply require a steady hand and a sharp pair of shears, along with a good eye for symmetry as they require trimming each year to sharpen the edges of the plant from the fronds of new growth, and of course where several Cone Shaped Yew plants are included in the planting extra care needs to be taken to keep them all at the same diameter in order to ‘match’. To avoid such precision, you could of course alternate the heights and diameters you plant, creating a truly interesting garden feature! English Yew Topiary Cone Shapes have the advantage that as a slow growing plant at between 15-30cm per year trimming is not so much of a problem as perhaps with other topiary plants, and is widely considered to be the most elegant for shaping as it can give such a smooth appearance to the finished Cone Shape.

These superb evergreen topiary plants look wonderful as part of a formal parterre planting scheme, planted in large parts to define the entrance to your home or business, or simply as the focal point to give height and structure to a feature garden bed or border.

You can plant your evergreen English Yew Cone Shape topiary plants in almost any location from full sun through to partial shade. It will thrive in most soils that are well drained. Grown in containers or planted directly into the garden English Yew requires reasonable soil with good drainage as it is not happy sitting in wet soil for any length of time. Make sure your soil is free of weeds and grass and dug over so it is as loose and crumbly as possible as this means your plants roots can most easily get established. English Yew Cone Shape topiary plants will require consistent careful watering in the first year of planting, and once established can generally then be left to their own devices unless planted in pots which will require ongoing careful and consistent watering.

English Yew Cone Shape topiary plants are available in large pot sizes from our nursery all year round.

To give your English Yew Cone Shape topiary plants the best very chance to thrive it is always advisable to prepare the ground as well as possible and follow the planting guidance we e-mail on confirmation of order. A hard copy of this planting guidance leaflet is also sent out with every order. We always recommend the use of the Mycorrhizal Fungi Rootgrow which enhances a plant root system and the use of the slow-release fertiliser Bonemeal to encourage faster establishment and a more drought resilient hedge with a stronger root system.

Trimming would normally be carried out in autumn but you could snip off any rogue new growth that appears in the meantime, being careful to avoid times of frost.