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Alnus glutinosa
Size: 125/150cm (4-5ft). Bare Root. 2 year old

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Available from November 2015

A wildlife friendly easy to grow tree that thrives in wet ground. Excellent for coppicing and as a windbreak. The seeds enclosed in the false cones provide valuable food for birds. 

  • Ideal for - hedging from 2 metres upwards in height.
  • Growth rate - typically 50-60cm per year.
  • Site and soil - thrives in any reasonable soil and wet boggy situations.
  • Product details - these are economical two year old bare rooted plants giving some impact on planting, easy to plant and easy to establish with a reasonable growth rate. Great for planting a hedge while watching the budget. Click on the photo above to see a typical bundle of 25 plants.
  • How many plants? - we recommend 3-5 plants per metre for a hedge or 1-2 plants per metre as a taller windbreak.
  • When to plant? - these are bare rooted plants available to plant when dormant in Winter, we deliver in season from November - Early April, the correct time for planting.
  • Other options - Common Alder (Alnus glutinosa) hedging plants are also available pot grown in a larger size for year round planting.
  • Also consider - other species of Alder such as the Grey Alder (Alnus incana) or Italian Alder (Alnus cordata).
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