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Our ground cover plants make an excellent way of reducing maintenance without compromising on colour and interest, we have varieties suitable for all garden situatons from dense shade to full sun. Planting distances are a matter of personal preference but as a rough guide - 4 plants per square metre is adequate if you are patient, 6 plants per square metre will give better coverage and 9-12 plants per square metre will make a weed supressing carpet very quickly.

All of our ground cover plants are sold as strong stocky plants in 6 inch 1.5 litre pots not tiny plugs or 9cm pots and make an excellent starting point, if you need a lot of plants we offer all varieties in dicounted free delivery pallet deals.

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  • Also known as the Ladys Mantle, Alchemilla is a very easy and charming clump forming perennial with fresh green leaves that catch the rain and subtle frothy chartreuse flowers.

  • A recurring plant in Gertude Jekylls garden designs, Bergenia is a useful evergreen perennial, in winter and spring wiry stems erupt from the foliage with cerise pink flowers.

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  • These wonderful perennials have an enduring popularity in our gardens, perfect lining paths or planted with roses we offer the smaller Nepeta faasenii and larger Six Hills Giant.

  • Cotoneasters are versatile and easy to grow, we have the most popular hedging types together with the ground covering varieties Coral Beauty and Dammeri

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  • The narrow rich purple leaves offer a great contast with acid yellow flowers, a garden designers dream, perfect planted amongst larger plants and particularly in shade.

  • Heucheras are practically evergreen, especially in the milder winters of late, compact mounds of fresh ornamental foliage supports a succession of wiry flower stems.

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  • Rich green foliage and a succession of golden yellow star shaped flowers, Hypericum makes super ground cover colonising the most difficult and dry sites once established.

  • These evergreen Loniceras have tiny leaves making them ideal for very neat hedges, nitida varieties make super hedges, pileata is often used as ground cover or much lower hedges.

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  • Slender stemmed carpeting plants thrive anywhere in sun or shade providing a mass of colourful flowers nestled in the foliage in spring, then intermittently until autumn.

  • Aromatic and low growing, Tyme is perfect for sunny situations, planted at the front of flower beds or among paving, or anywhere you care to enjoy the intoxicating scent!

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  • A prolific and easily grown perennial, the tall upright stems carry flat clusters of Lavender purple flowers from June until Autumn. Very popular with garden designers.

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