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Amelanchier Lamarkii

Also known as the Snowy Mespilus or June Berry, Amelanchier Lamarkii is a magnificent plant which can be a small tree for smaller-sized gardens, a great choice of hedging plants or stand alone as a beautiful shrub. It has even been awarded the Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society.
Amelanchier Lamarkii is a deciduous plant native to North America, that produces tiny white, star shaped, fragrant flowers in the spring. They can grow well in most good soils in either partial shade or sunlight, but prefer moist, well drained soils that have neutral to acidic elements to it.
The Amelanchier Lamarkii is a beautiful plant to have in your garden, especially when it flowers during March and April. Once it has flowered it will produce edible fruits that are red and turn purple in the autumn, often feeding the birds in colder months. During the summer months the leaves will be a lovely shade of green, and come autumn the leaves will turn to rich autumnal colours of orange, red and yellow.
The Amelanchier Lamarkii plants we stock are all great at providing you with either shrubs, trees or hedging, whichever you specifically require. We recommend planting them eighteen inches apart and pruning after flowering in the late spring.
If you require any further information about our Amelanchier Lamarkii plants before you buy then get in touch with one of our specialist team members.
AMELANCHIER LAMARKII. Amelanchier lamarckii. 150/175cm (5-6ft)
AMELANCHIER LAMARKII Amelanchier lamarckii
150/175cm (5-6ft) Potted
Recommended plants per metre = 2
from £13.95 (£16.74 inc vat)
1 or more15.95(£19.14)5 or more13.95(£16.74)
£19.00 Delivery

AMELANCHIER LAMARKII. Amelanchier lamarckii. 60/100cm (2-3.5ft)
AMELANCHIER LAMARKII Amelanchier lamarckii
60/100cm (2-3.5ft) Bare Root 2 year old
Recommended plants per metre = 3
price NOW from £0.89 (£1.07 inc vat)
3 or more2.09(£2.51)10 or more1.19(£1.43)
50 or more1.03(£1.24)250 or more0.89(£1.07)
Hopes Grove Nursery Bagdelivery from £5.95

AMELANCHIER LAMARKII. Amelanchier lamarckii. 100/125cm (3.5-4ft)
AMELANCHIER LAMARKII Amelanchier lamarckii
100/125cm (3.5-4ft) Bare Root 3 year old
Recommended plants per metre = 3
price NOW from £1.27 (£1.52 inc vat)
3 or more2.62(£3.14)10 or more1.67(£2.00)
50 or more1.46(£1.75)250 or more1.27(£1.52)
Hopes Grove Nursery Bagdelivery from £5.95

AMELANCHIER LAMARKII. Amelanchier lamarckii. 125/150cm (4-5ft)
AMELANCHIER LAMARKII Amelanchier lamarckii
125/150cm (4-5ft) Bare Root 3 year old
Recommended plants per metre = 3
price NOW from £2.24 (£2.69 inc vat)
3 or more3.97(£4.76)10 or more2.94(£3.53)
50 or more2.58(£3.10)250 or more2.24(£2.69)
Hopes Grove Nursery Bagdelivery from £5.95


Amelanchier Lamarkii (Snowy Mespilus, June Berry) is a beautiful large deciduous shrub or small tree with a bushy spreading habit. They are easy to grow in any reasonable soil in sun or partial shade. The oval leaves are coppery-red and silky when they emerge in spring and contrast effectively with the masses of star shaped white flowers in March and April.

Amelanchier Lamarkii in full flower grown as a shrub, hedge or small tree is a beautiful spectacle, suitable for even the smallest of gardens. The edible fruits are bright red in summer turning purple-black in autumn and are very popular with birds. In summer the foliage is mid green before colouring to rich autumn hues of yellow, orange and red.

The Amelanchier plants on this page are suitable for growing as trees, shrubs or for hedging where we recommend planting 45cm (18ins) apart. Snowy Mespilus hedges should be trimmed after flowering.

We will supply full cultural instructions with your order. We strongly recommend Rootgrow and Bonemeal to help establish newly planted trees, these may be found on the left hand menu.

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