What Is Bare Root Hedging?

Well, the answer is in the name. Bare-root hedging is just that; hedge plants that have bare roots, as in, bare of soil. These are not plants that arrive at your door laden with pots of soil and compost. No, these are the cheapest and easiest way to order and plant your hedges.

You see, during the winter, a significant number of hedge plants, such as white snowberry, hornbeam, common dogwood, common buckthorn and hazel amongst many others go dormant. Their leaves often fall off, leaving behind a strong stem and healthy root system that is hunkering down over the winter, ready in spring and summer time to work hard and grow.

Whilst dormant, it’s easy for us to lift these beautiful plants from our fields. Then we shake off the soil to prepare the bare roots before delivering them. You can order your bare-root hedges months in advance, but note we can only deliver during the dormant season from November to April. Our popular bare root plants arrive within a day or two after lifting and will be ready for immediate planting. Do consult our How to Plant a Hedge page as well as the Looking After Your New Hedge page to make sure you give these plants the best start in life.

Counterintuitively, these plants are at their most robust whilst dormant. It’s when they are growing that they are vulnerable; tender leaves, branches and roots can be easily snapped and broken, exposing the plants to infection and disease. As a result, it costs more to tend to, pot up, package carefully and ship hedging plants that are in growth. These semi-mature plants also need more intensive aftercare once planted. However, if it is immediate impact you want, then more established plants and more attention to detail are what you will need.

For bare-root hedges, economy and patience are the most valued virtues in their owners. It can take between three and seven years for these plants to reach maturity but it does make it easier to stick to a tighter budget. Bare-root plants also need less maintenance once established and you can find more information about what ongoing care is necessary on our When to Cut A Hedge page as well as your plant’s individual product page.

You can also determine how densely you want to plant your hedge. For example, our recommendation for small sized plants is a double, staggered row with five to seven plants in each row. Depending on the species and age of your chosen bare-root hedge, the plants range in height of between 20/30cm and 175/200cm. Look at our recommended plants-per-metre density on each product page next to the product photo for guidance.

Any more questions? Then please do not hesitate to contact us and our knowledgeable team who will be there to help.