In some areas new plants are compromised by the fact that they have to go in a very exposed area subjecting them initially to taking longer to establish through being constantly rocked by the wind and possibly not growing properly in an upright fashion for the same reason, it is also useful in areas where the winter weather is quite harsh. By using windbreak netting these plants can be protected from the prevailing weather until they have set their roots in the ground.

Windbreak netting is made from a knitted or woven fabric that forms a barrier but not a solid sheet, in varying lengths and widths, so will still let a certain amount of air and water through thus diminishing the effects of the weather in order that plants may establish more rapidly and thus thrive. It needs fixing on the windward side of the newly planted hedge or around individual plants in order to give greatest effect.

Sometimes gardeners will cover cloches or small polytunnels in Windbreak Netting rather than the more solid sheets of polythene so that plants can be sheltered either all year round or through periods of inclement weather but still letting rainwater and air through the fabric. Some plants may prefer a situation where they are not in full sun through the hotter summer months in which case Windbreak netting can also provide a certain amount of shade and in the case of ripening fruit bushes can give protection from hungry birds and insects.