Our Conference Pear Trees are grown on a semi dwarfing Quince A/Quince C rootstock, the tree should make an ultimate height of 3-4 metres after 10 or more years making them a suitable size for most gardens.

The Conference pear is a popular eating variety, it has a flavour that will not disappoint the buttery, juicy pale cream flesh with a pink tinge in the centre at perfect ripeness. The Pear tree is one of the hardiest grown in the UK.

When planting young Conference Pear Trees we always recommend adding Rootgrow, as with all new fruit trees it’s a good idea to keep a small circle (0.5-1 metre) completely free of weeds and grass for the first few years, adding a layer of bark chippings will also help conserve moisture in dry weather and will help your new tree to a great start.