Parrotia Persica (Persian Ironwood)

The Persian Ironwood is a small tree or large shrub of bushy habit, often with a short trunk and growing up to 8 metres tall and wide, they are also often seen as multi-stemmed shrubs. The bark of mature trees is similar to that of a Plane tree, smooth and peeling in plates to reveal pink, cream, yellow and cinnamon green patches beneath. Coupled with its spectacular autumn colours and the small flowers appearing during the winter months – this tree is a true all rounder.

The colourful Persian Ironwood is a great tree or shrub for the larger garden, suitable for growing as a shrub in larger borders, or as a focal point in a woodland garden. It also makes a magnificent lawn specimen if you have the space.

Parrotia Persica is an easy tree to grow, they dislike wet conditions and so a well drained soil is recommended. Although this is a relative of Witch Hazel (Hamamelis), they grow well in alkaline soils and any reasonable garden soil is suitable including chalky soils. Plant them in full sun or partial shade.

These handsome trees need little maintenance once established, pruning is not normally necessary although any diseased or crossing branches may be pruned in winter.

Our Parrotia Persica trees are always pot grown and therefore suitable for planting at any time of year, we always recommend adding rootgrow at the time of planting to give the young trees the best start, together with a generous amount of organic matter well mixed with the existing soil.