A stunning low growing dwarf variety of Aster with the more recognisable name of Michaelmas Daisy a staunch favourite with gardeners in the UK. Aster novi-belgii Lady in Blue produces the most vibrant powder blue sprays of flowers with yellow centres over a long period; from mid to late summer through until autumn, brightening the garden when other flowering plants are fading away. The foliage of this hardy compact plant is neat with dark green soft foliage. This variety prefers full sun but as with all Asters would tolerate some shade making them suitable for almost any area in the garden requiring a splash of colour.

This versatile and easy to grow perennial has many useful features such as being rabbit resistant which makes it a popular choice for planting in groups with other Asters in perhaps a wildflower meadow. It also makes a pretty cut flower to be enjoyed indoors. They can be put into pots or troughs making a lovely display on patios or just planted out into beds or borders. Giving great value these wonderful little plants will enlarge and can be lifted and divided every couple of years.

Plants that are supplied in pots are generally available 12 months of the year, helping to make planning your gardening schedule much easier, as you can decide when to plant. There is also less trauma to a pot plant as the roots are generally undisturbed which means they do not suffer from set back.  If you require assistance or have any queries relating to the the Aster Lady in Blue, please do not hesitate to contact us, as we are here to help.