Euphorbia Characias subsp. Wulfenii (Spurge) are easy to grow in a sunny spot and will happily thrive in most soils so long as they are well-drained. Once established they are fully hardy and can tolerate periods of drought, in fact they prefer less fertile soil, so we advise not to feed them.  Be very careful and always wear gloves when pruning or handling Euphorbia as their stems release a milky sap that is highly toxic when ingested and can cause significant skin irritation (on the plus side, this makes them deer resistant!).

How to grow Euphorbia Characias subsp. Wulfenii

Position: Sunny

Foliage: Evergreen, semi-evergreen

Soil and site: Well-drained – almost any soil except overly fertile

Flowering time: Early Summer to Autumn

Growth rate: Fast

Ultimate height and spread: Height to 120cm, spread to 120cm

Hardiness: Fully hardy once established

Aftercare: Each stem is biennial, so will produce leaves in its first year and flower in its second. Once the stem has produced a flower it should be cut right back to its base, or to a point where there is new growth emerging, in midsummer. This will make way for lots of new, fresh shoots.