Geum ground cover are evergreen except in very harsh winters when their leaves and foliage die back to ground level. Most prefer dappled or semi-shaded locations, but all require moist but well-drained soil. They will not thrive in soil that becomes waterlogged.  To maintain them simply cut back any tatty or brown foliage from the previous year in early Spring and divide any clumps that become congested in early Spring or late Autumn.

As a rough guide when planting Geums as ground cover – 4 plants per square metre is adequate with a little patience, 6 will give better coverage, and 9-12 will make a weed supressing carpet very quickly.

How to grow Geums

Position: Full Sun/partial shade

Foliage: Perennial, leaves appear from Spring with flowers following in early Summer through to mid-late Autumn

Soil and site: Fertile, moisture retaining & well drained

Flowering time: Early Spring to Autumn

Growth rate: Fast

Ultimate height and spread: 30cm and 50cm depending on variety, with an average spread up to 60cm