Heuchera Obsidian ground cover are evergreen to semi-evergreen except in very harsh Winters when their leaves and foliage die back closer to ground level (although fresh new leaves will appear again the following Spring). They prefer dappled or semi-shaded locations but will withstand more direct sunlight than the paler/lighter varieties. One thing they do require is moist but well-drained soil until established, when they will tolerate drier soil. They will not thrive in soil that becomes waterlogged so add grit and well-rotted compost to clay soils before planting.  To maintain them simply cut back any tatty or brown foliage from the previous year in early Spring and divide any clumps that become congested in early Spring or late Autumn.

How to grow Heuchera Obsidian

Position: Full Sun/partial shade

Foliage: Semi-evergreen, palmate shaped leaves may die back in Winter but reappear from Spring

Soil and site: Fertile, moisture retaining & well drained

Flowering time: Late Spring through to mid-late Summer

Growth rate: Moderate

Ultimate height and spread: 45cm (to 60cm when in flower) and to 30cm

Hardiness: Hardy once established

Aftercare: Water well until established, avoiding soil becoming waterlogged. Trim off any dead/straggly areas after flowering has finished. Divide clumps in early Spring or late Autumn if they become congested