Lychnis Coronaria ground cover prefers dry, poorer soil. Do water them when they are first planted and getting established, but water slowly so the moisture sinks into the soil. They perform best in a fully sunny position but can tolerate some shade – though may produce slightly less flowers. Deadhead regularly to encourage repeat flowering but leave spent seed heads at the end of the flowering season if you wish to encourage self-seeding. Then simply cut back in late Autumn/early Winter to one third of their height and mulch over Winter to protect the base of the plant from hard frost.

As a rough guide when planting Lychnis Coronaria as ground cover – 4 plants per square metre is adequate with a little patience, 6 will give better coverage, and 9-12 will make a weed supressing carpet very quickly.

How to grow Lychnis Coronaria

Position: Sun or partial shade

Foliage: Perennial

Soil and site: Poor/dry but well drained

Flowering time: Late Spring through to mid-late Summer

Growth rate: Moderate

Ultimate height and spread:  Height to 70cm, spread to 35cm.  (Clump forming, so width will grow over time).

Hardiness: Hardy once established

Aftercare: Water well but gently until established, avoiding soil becoming waterlogged. Leave some seed heads if you wish them to self-seed within the planting area.  Cut them back down to ground level in late Autumn after flowering.