Scabious ground cover are easy to care for and require very little maintenance. They will thrive in well drained, neutral to alkaline soils in full sun. Give them a good soaking of water when planting and getting established, and then you should only need to supplement rainwater during dry spells. If clumps of Scabiosa become congested, we recommend dividing them every 3-4 years.

As a rough guide when planting Scabious as ground cover – 4 plants per square metre is adequate with a little patience, 6 will give better coverage, and 9-12 will make a weed supressing carpet very quickly.

How to grow Scabious

Position: Full Sun

Foliage: Annual, Perennial

Soil and site: well drained, neutral to alkaline soils

Flowering time: Early Summer to Autumn

Growth rate: Moderate

Ultimate height and spread: Height to 60cm, spread to approximately 30cm depending on variety

Hardiness: Fully hardy once established

Aftercare: Deadhead spent flowers regularly to encourage more blooms. Divide overcrowded plants every few years.