Thymus Red Carpet (Thyme) ground cover grow best in a warm sunny spot (the more sun it receives, the stronger the flavour if using in cooking), in well-drained soil. They look best grown at the front of a border where you could try grouping different varieties together. It is fairly drought tolerant and needs a well-drained, preferably alkaline, soil. Do water it well after planting, but it will grow well once established in fairly poor, even stony, soil. If you have soil with poor drainage – simply keep Thymus in pots where they will be quite happy.

As a rough guide when planting Thymus Red Carpet as ground cover – 4 plants per square metre is adequate with a little patience, 6 will give better coverage, and 9-12 will make a weed supressing carpet very quickly.

How to grow Thymus Red Carpet

Position: Full Sun

Foliage: Evergreen in mild Winters

Soil and site: Happy in shallow, poor soil but must be very well drained,

Flowering time: Late Spring to mid-late Summer

Growth rate: Moderate / Fast

Ultimate height and spread: Height 5cm to 30cm,

Hardiness: Fully hardy once established

Aftercare: Cut back plants after flowering to keep them compact and to promote fresh, new growth.