Verbena Bonariensis also referred to as purpletop vervain or clustertop vervain is a native to tropical South America growing in the warmer regions of Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Colombia. It is a prolific and easy to grow herbaceous perennial thriving in any reasonable, moist but well-drained soil, preferring full sun however it will tolerate partial shade. During the summer months the talk upright stems support tightly packed flat clusters of lavender purple flower heads that appear in succession from June through to the autumn. Although tall, the flower spikes are sturdy and will never need staking.

Verbena Bonariensis is a tough and easy to grow perennial that will often self seed prolifically. The dead flower stalks are sometimes left to give height to the flowerbed, as they can grow to 120cm, and interest in the winter months, in colder regions however they may need some frost protection or resist cutting back until the spring.

In order to plant at any time of the year Verbena Bonariensis is supplied as a pot grown plant. This means that there is no trauma to the roots and so it will establish quite easily, a bonus if you want quick results.

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