Dogwood Gold Variegated (Cornus Alba Spaethii) is a deciduous hedge with red stems that is characterised by its gold and yellow edged leaves. This hedge produces clusters of white flights that are followed by white fruits, which have a touch of blue to them. Their leaves turn a beautiful pinky, red colour in the autumn, before losing their leaves for winter.

They, like all Dogwood hedges, prefer to be planted in either full sunlight or partial sunlight, and do not mind being in either exposed or sheltered sites, Dogwoods grow well in most soils, especially wet and poorly drained.

They suit hedges that are between 120-200cm high really well. When it comes to pruning, the Dogwood Gold Variegated can handle harsh pruning in the spring, but this doesn’t need to be done every year. Although do remember that the younger the shoots, the brighter the colour of the stems will be.

Here at Hopes Grove Nurseries we would recommend planting these hedges at 3 per metre, so that they can form into a nice hedge for you to enjoy year round. (Or plant some wider apart in a shrub bed where their gorgeous winter stem colour can be appreciated! From their beautiful yellow and gold leaves, white flowers and berries in summer, to their gorgeous autumn and winter display; a perfect hedge to help make your garden appear alive in the winter with its fiery red stems on show. We have a range of Dogwood Gold Variegated plants available in bare root form. For more information on this plant or any of our other hedging plants, contact our specialist team members for more information.