The Dogwood Silver Variegated (Cornus Alba Elegantissima) is a larger deciduous hedge of the Dogwood variety. It has beautiful creamy white and green leaves, situated on red stems, and makes for an elegant informal hedge that can reach heights between four and seven feet.

It, like most Dogwood hedges, produces small clusters of white flowers that when pollinated turn to white berries in the autumn, to help feed wildlife during the colder months. It loves to bask in full or partial sunlight and doesn’t mind exposed or sheltered spots either. Dogwood Silver Variegated plants enjoy being planted in moist but well drained soil, and does particularly well in soil that is clay, sand or loam.

It can take up to ten years to get to their maximum height, although it does grow quickly in a year compared to other hedges. Known as a creeping, woody-based perennial, you can enjoy fantastic winter colour from its red stems come winter, really giving your garden a boost of colour during the colder months.

If you want a brighter colour red the following winter from the stems, then prune your Dogwood Silver Variegated in spring after the final frost, as the younger shoots are naturally brighter in colour. But don’t feel you have to prune this hedge, as it isn’t a necessity to prune them.

It looks great against other creeping perennials as well as mixed varieties of Dogwood, to really set your garden off in the best way possible. When planting, we would recommend planting these hedges one and a half to two feet apart.

We have a range of Dogwood Silver Variegated plants available in bare root form. For more information on this plant or any of our hedging plants, contact our specialist team members for more information.