Griselinia littoralis Variegata will grow in all soil types including clay and chalk although they do prefer to have reasonable drainage. Variegated Griselinia hedges are colourful and immaculate in all seasons and are successful in aspects from full sun to partial shade. This is a very popular hedging plant in coastal areas, being unaffected by the buffeting winds and salt spray making it one of many hedging species we recommend for coastal planting. Variegated New Zealand Privet hedging plants will also thrive on inland sites including windy and exposed areas although they aren’t suitable where it gets very cold further North – we would suggest choosing a species from our Windy and exposed sites page instead.

Griselinia littoralis Variegata hedging plants will fill out fairly quickly when you start to trim them (although they grow more slowly than the more common Griselinia littoralis hedge and are suitable for hedges from 1-2 metres in height. The plants have a slow/moderate growth rate of around 20-30cm per year in reasonable soil.

Hedges of Griselinia littoralis Variegata are generally pest and disease free. Sometimes a late spring frost will blacken the emerging new shoots – but they will re grow within a few weeks and no long-term damage is done. In very cold winters some browning of the foliage can occur, but no more than most other hedging evergreens and new growth will emerge in the Spring.

The best time to trim a Variegated Griselinia hedge is in late spring before the new growth starts but after the danger of very hard frosts has passed. One trim per year will keep your Griselinia hedge in good order, if you trim more frequently it is possible to achieve a beautifully formal look. Overgrown Griselinia hedges and shrubs can be cut back hard at the same time of year and should regenerate quickly from the old wood, especially if a feed and mulch is applied at the same time to hasten the new growth.

All of our Griselinia littoralis Variegata hedging plants are pot grown and so are available all year round and can be relied on to give excellent results whenever you choose to plant them. We grow all our Griselinia here on our own nursery in Kent, they are always despatched fresh from our growing beds direct to your door assuring top quality and predictable future growth in your garden.