Cordyline Shrubs

Cordyline (Cabbage Palm)

One of the most popular plants for containers and well suited to a sunny terrace or patio. Cordyline or Cabbage Palm as they are commonly known are grown for their perfectly symmetrical shape that is produced from the long strap like foliage that radiates from the central stem. As the plants become more mature and more and more foliage grows, a clear stem will gradually be produced at the base and the plants may grow up to 3 metres or so tall (over a period of many years)

Younger plants look very effective amongst Summer bedding displays where they bring some welcome height, they are ideal for themed gardens, especially more contemporary designs and they look very effective in any situation where their architectural silhouette may be appreciated.

(You may also be interested in our range of Phormium plants (New Zealand Flax), these colourful plants are similar in appearance except their leaves always come from the base forming a clump instead of a single stem.)

Types of Cordyline Shrubs

Cordyline or Cabbage Palm prefers a warm sunny spot in well drained soil although they will take just a little shade. In cold areas Cordylines may need some winter protection, this can be by carefully wrapping the crown before the worst cold weather arrives (circle the stem close to the base with gloved hands and then gently move them upwards (minding your eyes on the pointy ends!), the foliage will conveniently fold flat to the stem without damage allowing your assistant to tie it loosely. The plant can then easily be wrapped or covered in fleece or similar which should be removed in Spring when the weather improves.) Alternatively if grown in a pot, move it to sheltered area or unheated greenhouse if that’s easier. In warmer and coastal areas it might not be necessary.

Cordylines benefit from a tidy up in Spring, trim off any brown tips and the inevitable dead foliage that is produced close to the base as the stem develops.