Hardy Hibiscus Shrubs

Hibiscus shrubs can be a great source of late season colour in the garden, these deciduous shrubs come into their own from August until October when many other garden plants are past their best. These low maintenance shrubs boast exotic looking lobed foliage that always emerges late in the Spring, the large flowers appear in succession from August through until October.

Hibiscus can bring a well needed burst of late colour into sunny mixed borders and cottage garden designs and they also grow well in containers in a sunny spot and fit well in a jungle theme.

Types of Hardy Hibiscus Shrubs

Hibiscus are best grown in full sun, they prefer a rich and well drained soil, in the first few years after planting it pays to give the plants a mulch in spring, occasionally a little formative pruning in late Spring may be necessary to develop a symmetrical shape but the plants need very little maintenance once established and will give many years of late season service.

These exotic looking shrubs can also be grown as an unusual late flowering deciduous hedge or screen