Legend has it that piercing a vampire’s heart with a wooden stake will kill it. However here we are more concerned with horticultural matters so when planting larger items such as young trees, which can be vulnerable to wind damage, it is essential that the tree is secure in the ground in order to develop properly. It is therefore a good idea to support the tree with a softwood tree stake used with buckle tree ties to attach them to one another but far enough apart to avoid damage to the tree stem.

In some cases where it is very windy it may be necessary to secure each tree with two or even three posts to keep them stable.

Most tree stakes are pointed at one end to hammer them into the ground more easily with smaller stakes for very young trees usually being squared on the sides. Rounded tree stakes still have a pointed end for ease of placing, however these are much more substantial, heavy duty stakes used for larger, mature trees but again will need buckle tree ties for attaching the two together and adjusting as the tree develops.

The larger rounded tree stakes can also be used to support windbreak netting on the windward side of a line of plants to protect them if that is the best option where a number of trees have been planted, or it may be a better solution to affix straining wires to stakes at either end of a long line of planting, then carefully attach each plant to the straining wire, adjusting these as the plants develop thicker stems.