Acer Selection Pack Of Five Bargain Packs

A collection of five young Acer trees or Japanese Maples as they are commonly known. Grown for the delicate ferny foliage that comes in a range of colours that changes through the seasons, the beauty of their form and modest growth rate makes them a popular choice for gardens of all sizes, and they can be grown in containers. Our collection consists of five trees, the varieties have been selected to give interest through the seasons with a variety of colours.

This is a pack of five young trees grown in 2 litre pots with a healthy discount of 25% compared to buying them individually. All trees are labelled:

One Acer shirawasarum Aureum (A. japonicum Aureum) one of the most beautiful dwarf Acer varieties, tiny scarlet-red flowers and immaculate soft golden leaves emerge in spring, the golden/lime green foliage stays all summer before turning to shades of orange with a red edging in autumn. This is a very slow growing little tree with a rounded shape that will gradually attain a height of no more than 2 metres.

One Acer palmatum Sango Kaku a stunning little tree has something for every season, intricate soft green maple foliage looks great all summer before turning to soft shades of yellow and orange in autumn, the leaves then fall to reveal the brightly coloured coral bark. Slow growing to 5 metres eventually, this tree is ideal for containers or focal points, especially nearer the house where its brightly coloured bark will cheer the short winter days.

One Acer palmatum Crimson Queen – Intricate filigree foliage that emerges rich burgundy red in spring and holds its colour well through the season before changing to bright crimson red in autumn. This is a delightful weeping variety that will attain no more than 3 metres tall and wide after 20 years. Perfect for containers or a focal point and looks great planted at the edge of a pond where its attractive colour and for will be reflected in the water.

One Acer palmatum Bloodgood one of the finest red/purple leaf Acer Trees, the wonderful rich colouration emerges in spring and is held right through the season until the attractive lobed leaves turn to hues of bright red and blood-crimson during the autumn. This is a larger upright variety that will eventually attain a height of 4 metres to make a truly spectacular small tree.

And one Acer palmatum Orange Dream : a stunning Acer boasts bright new spring foliage of orange and yellow, during the summer it gradually mellows to lime green before changing again to bright golden yellow in autumn. Perfect as a pride of place plant in flowerbeds or a large container, this is a modest sized tree growing to around 4 metres after 20 years.

(Should any of the varieties above be out of stock we may substitute with other similar young trees of the same size and value, always in five different varieties)

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Acer Palmatum trees are best grown in neutral or acidic soil and always with good drainage. If your soil is heavy it can often be improved by adding plenty of organic matter and perhaps some horticultural grit, well mixed with the existing soil. Unsuitable soil may also be overcome by growing them in pots, ericaceous compost is ideal although you might like to add some good quality loam bases compost for better water retention during dry weather and to give the compost a little more body. Do be sure to add some ‘crocks’ (broken tiles or similar) at the bottom of the pot before filling it to guarantee effective winter drainage.

Our Acer Palmatum Maples are low maintenance plants and would need little maintenance once established. Pruning is not normally necessary except perhaps to remove congested or diseased branches which should be undertaken in winter or early spring before the new leaves emerge. These handsome little trees rarely suffer from pests and diseases.

Our young Acers are supplied as pot grown specimens meaning they may be planted successfully at any time of year as there is no root disturbance. When planting young Acers we always recommend adding rootgrow to give them the very best start.