Fig Trees

Fruiting Fig Trees make a great addition to a sunny south facing wall, the bold luxuriant foliage is always pleasing to the eye and these long lived plants will provide regular crops of tasty fruit.

Fig Trees are self fertile meaning a second plant or tree is not needed for successful cropping, unlike many fruit trees, these are not grafted onto a rootstock and will naturally grow into a large shrub up to 4 metres tall over time. Figs are produced on the previous seasons wood and so if you are pruning your Fig Tree remember to leave these newer branches if at all possible  (a similar principle to summer fruiting raspberries)



Our fruiting fig trees do not require any complicated pruning, it is advisable to remove any damaged, congested or crossing branches in early Spring to keep the plant tidy, little other maintenance is required.

When planting we recommend adding rootgrow to give your young Fig a great start, keeping the immediate area clear of weeds for the first couple of seasons (and mulching) will help establishment and earlier fruiting. Fig Trees can also be successful grown in large pots, choose a large and sturdy container as they are quite vigorous and the roots may otherwise damage the pot.

Fig Trees are just one of many fruit trees available from Hopes Grove Nurseries, we also stock a selection of Apples, Cherries, Plums, Gages, Quinces, Damsons, Mulberries and Quinces – all available in season from November until March, the ideal time for planting.