These Mirabelle de Nancy Plum Trees are tough and easy to grow, the blossom is resistant to frost and the trees develop naturally into a neat pyramidal shape. We supply them grafted onto a St Julien A rootstock to produce mature trees of 3-5 metres high depending on growing conditions. This is a partially self-fertile variety so crops will be produced without the need for other plum trees nearby.

Plum trees prefer a well-drained soil and will fruit best in a sunny situation so do try and plant away from other large trees or buildings.

When planting your new Mirabelle de Nancy plum tree, we recommend using Rootgrow to give it the best start. Its also a good idea to keep the base of the tree completely free of weeds and grass for the first few years, we recommend a circle of 0.5-1 metre across. If you cover this with a generous topping of bark chippings or a similar mulch (to conserve moisture) the tree will establish and bear fruit more quickly.

We also stock many other fruiting trees such as Apples, Plums, Cherries, Pears, Figs, Quinces, Damsons and Mulberries, all chosen for their hardiness and reliability in UK gardens.