Plum trees are easy to grow in any garden soil, but they do need good drainage. When planting we always recommend adding Rootgrow as well as a generous amount of garden compost or well-rotted farmyard manure (either must be well mixed with the backfilling soil when planting.

Our Plum trees are grafted onto a semi dwarfing rootstock (St Julien A) meaning they will grow to a height of 3-4 metres after 10 years making them suitable for gardens of most sizes. Our Plum Fruit Trees are all supplied as sturdy 2-year-old bare root bush trees, these have a short straight stem and several branches already developed above. These trees are available in the dormant winter season from November until March which is the correct time for planting.

Plum fruit trees are low maintenance once established, they need little or no pruning except an occasional tidy up if they become congested, sometimes it is necessary to remove the occasional branch that has been damaged by the weight of fruit carried the previous season.

All of our Plum trees are self-fertile so a second plum tree is not required for pollination and successful cropping