Aster dumosus ‘Apollo’ more commonly referred to as Michaelmas daisies. A plant long favoured and loved in the UK for its colour and profusion of flowers from late summer through to autumn. The name Aster comes from the Greek word for star which is also reflected in the shape of the flowers.

This spreading perennial is very hardy and fast growing making it an excellent choice for covering difficult areas in the garden. Being tolerant of semi shade it can be used as a type of ground cover under trees and larger shrubs to fill in gaps. These special and elegant flowers are snow white with attractive raised yellow centres making them a favourite with bees and pollinators.

Making an impact in cottage gardens meadows and borders these very hardy popular plants can also be grown successfully in pots to give interest and colour to patios. They will make a height of 40cm and over a period of time as the clumps grow larger, they will benefit from being divided in early spring giving yet more plants to spread around the garden. The crisp white flowers appear September until October adding late season colour to the garden. An  excellent ground covering plant we recommend planting at 30cm apart.

Potted plants suffer less setback and shock as there is little disturbance to the roots when planting out. Stocks are available year round which means they can be planted at the optimum time to suit your gardening calendar.

Do please ring our staff should you have any queries or require further assistance or information about the Aster Apollo.