Our winter flowering heather plants have varying foliage textures and colours as well as the flowers themselves giving contrast, they make great companion plants for Ornamental or Dwarf Conifers, Grasses, Hellebores and Hardy Cyclamen. Winter flowering heathers are perfect for low maintenance ground cover in any spot where there is full sun or just light shade. They are also great for adding to winter containers to brighten up your patio or terrace, try them with spring flowering bulbs, Ivies and Skimmia rubella

Winter flowering heather plants (Erica x darleyensis) are some of the easiest Heathers to grow, this group is more tolerant of differing soil types and does not need acid soil to thrive, they will grow in neutral or mildly alkaline soil especially if a good amount of organic matter is added when preparing the soil for planting.

All our winter flowering heathers are supplied in 9cm pots, these young plants will develop quickly with good aftercare to provide a very cost effective and colourful addition to your garden. We laso stock slighly larger plants in 1 litre pots that will fill out that little bit quicker. As a ‘rough guide’ for infilling flower beds and larger areas – 4 plants per square metre is fine if you are patient, but the plants will take a few years to reach full coverage, 6 plants per square metre will give faster coverage or you could infill at 9-12 plants per square metre for maximum coverage quickly.

Both of our collections of winter flowering heather plants are made up of 5 different varieties (the 5 plant collection is 1 each of 5 varieties and the 25 plant collection is 5 of each variety). We will always choose the best looking varieties at the time of despatch in a good mixture of colours, our collections will normally be chosen from the following varieties although we may occasionally include other first class varieties: (sorry we cannot guarantee a certain variety will be included or excluded but all plants are labelled)

ADA S COLLINGS: white, stiff bushy habit, FURZEY: deep rosy pink, GHOST HILLS: a deeper darleyenis, JENNY PORTER: white with pink flush, JW PORTER: reddish purple, DARLEY DALE: pale pink, KRAMERS RED: wine-red dark foliage, MARGARET PORTER: light salmon pink, JACK H. BRUMMAGE: golden foliage, pink flowers, MARY HELEN: rose-pink flowers, foliage yellow, SILVER BEADS (SILBERSCHMELZE): pure white.

How to grow winter flowering Heathers:

Position: Full sun or light shade
Foliage: Evergreen, leaves persist all year
Soil and site: Acid, neutral or slightly alkaline soil that is well drained, add plenty of organic matter, particularly to heavier soil
Flowering time: November – April
Growth rate: slow-moderate
Ultimate height and spread: 20-40cm high x 40-60cm wide
Hardiness: Full hardy

Aftercare: Water well and regularly until established and especially during their first summer, give the plants a light trim with secateurs or shears after the flowers have faded to keep the plants dense and bushy, this will encourage better flowering the following season