Thuja Brabant hedging plants or Thuja Occidentalis ‘Brabant’  (White Cedar) is a fast-growing hedging conifer with compact and bushy growth, that covers quickly without getting out of hand, making a great alternative to Green Leylandii.

Left to its own devices Thuja ‘Brabant’ grows into a large conical evergreen tree, ideal for tall screening. When trimmed as a hedge this versatile conifer will make a first class hedge or screen that can be kept at any size from 150cm up to several metres. It will grow quickly making 40-60cm of new growth on average, each year in reasonable soil.

Like all Thuja varieties, ‘Brabant’ has flattened sprays of coniferous foliage that is pleasantly aromatic when crushed smelling of fruit/pineapple. The foliage is a lighter, brighter green than most other Thuja keeping this colour even in winter. Thuja hedges do well in any kind of soil, apart from waterlogged sites.

Thuja Brabant hedging plants are best trimmed in Autumn to keep them looking tidy, twice a year for a sharper and more formal look. Thuja conifers are particularly suited as hedging plants, because they can be cut back hard (into the old brown wood) and they will still re-grow, a useful trait if your Thuja hedge has got too large.

Thuja ‘Brabant’ hedging plants are grown in pots, so they are available for delivery all year, thanks to no seasonality or root disturbance so your new hedge should establish quickly.

Coniferous plants are often susceptible to damage by aphids, which can be effectively controlled with the help of our guide to Cypress Aphids.

We also supply Thuja Brabant hedging plants as instant hedging units for immediate privacy from the moment they are planted. They are available in heights up to 200cm and in convenient 1 metre lengths, and they’re a popular solution if you really cannot wait for your hedge to grow.

Planting density/distance is a matter of patience and budget, you can find our recommended distance for each size but these are only guidelines – planting a little further apart is fine, the new hedge plants just taking a little longer to grow together.

If you have any questions about Thuja Brabant hedging, or any other plants then please do call our sales team on 01580 765600, they are waiting for your call.