Our larger plant native hedgerow mix has been carefully selected by our hedging experts to provide a rich and varied selection of plants in larger sizes, to provide more of an instant effect when planting a new native hedgerow. This mix of plants will quickly grow into a dense and prickly stock proof barrier, that contains both flowers and berries, produced at various times of year, helping to produce great wildlife value.

Mixed native hedges can be maintained at any height from 120cm up to several metres, they are best trimmed once a year at any time from August onwards, but preferably in winter. Don’t forget to leave some of the more persistent berries/fruits for the birds when pruning your hedge.

Native hedgerow mixes are suitable for all soil types in full sun and partial shade, and do really well being planted at windy and exposed planting sites. They will establish themselves and thrive in no time at all.
Our larger plant native hedgerow mix, includes the following carefully selected plants. They’ve all been chosen on account of both their suitability for native hedgerows and for successful transplant, and establishment at these taller sizes.

75% Quickthorn (Hawthorn, May) – Crataegus Monogyna

25% normally selected from the following

Field Maple – Acer Campestre
Hornbeam – Carpinus Betulus
Spindle – Euonymus Europaeus
Common Alder – Alnus Glutinosa
Wild Crabapple – Malus sylvestris

We will often include a few other species when we have stock of a large enough size available, this varies with the growing season each year, but rest assured we will always go the extra mile to give you a nice selection.
For more details of stock available for this season please call our sales team on 01580 765600.

Single Row

When planting a new native hedge from our larger plant mix, we recommend using 3 plants per metre for a single row hedge, placing each plant 13inches/33cm apart.

Double Row

For a thicker double row hedge use 5 plants per metre ,planting them 40cm apart in each row with 40cm between the 2 rows.

Extra Thick

For an extra thick and dense hedge that may be achieved more quickly, use 7 plants per metre in a double row, planting them 11inches/28cm apart in each row, with 40cm between the 2 rows.

Our larger plant mix hedge plants are supplied as bare root plants that are only available when dormant from November until April. Which is also the right time to be planting bare root plants.
All our hedgerow mixes are sold in multiples of 10 plants and our minimum order is 20 plants.

If you have any questions about our Larger Plant native hedge mixture or any other plants in our range please call our sales team on 01580 765600.