Maple Japanese or Acer palmatum are smaller growing deciduous shrubs native to Japan, China, Korea, eastern Mongolia and southeast Russia although now grown on a global basis.

Orange Dream is one of many cultivars which have been developed for its outstanding foliage and architectural form. It has a bushy spreading habit with the leaves changing through the seasons from coral red and orange as they emerge in spring especially at the edges to contrast perfectly with the lime green as they mature then as they fade into autumn a more golden colour. To add more vibrant colour in spring masses of tiny red flowers appear giving more contrast. Such is the vibrancy and variation of colour in Maple Japanese Orange Dream that it is a popular choice as a specimen tree in large and small gardens although it will require a sheltered area away from strong winds and early morning sun. It can also be grown in an attractive container so can be placed specifically in an ideal spot perhaps on a patio to be enjoyed from inside the house as well as the garden.

Acer palmatum Orange Dream will grow to approximately 3 metres tall requiring good well-drained soil and a certain amount of shelter as it will not tolerate windy areas or strong early morning sun which will burn the foliage. Pruning is not necessary unless you wish to specifically shape the plant, apart from removing any dead branches.

If timing is important for planting, Maple Japanese Orange Dream is supplied in a pot so it can be planted at any time of the year and there is no disturbance to the root system. This also means that it will establish its roots more quickly and therefore start to develop top growth.

We have several varieties of Maple Japanese as well as Orange Dream, if you have any questions you would like answered on that or any other cultivar, please phone one of our team who will be happy to assist.