Ceanothus shrubs can make an excellent hedge if you have a sheltered garden, plant 2-3 plants per metre and with a little formative trimming (clipping the sides) they should develop relativly quickly to create a dense hedge up to 150cm withing a few years. We have both Spring/early Summer and Autumn flowering varieties to suit your requiremnts. Ceanothus hedges are easy to maintain, usually with a trim after flowering. (Or in early Spring with Autumn flowering types).

How to grow Ceanothus hedging and shrubs

Position: Best in full sun.
Foliage: Evergreen, leaves stay on all year.
Soil and site: Well drained soil, needs a sheltered spot away from strong winds.
Flowering time: April -June or August-October depending on the variety chosen.
Growth rate: moderate/fast
Ultimate height and spread: 150-300cm
Hardiness: Moderately hardy
Aftercare: Water regularly after planting and through the first season until established. Trim after flowering to tidy up and remove dead wood. (Autumn flowering types are better trimmed in Spring)