Akebia quinata (Chocoalate Vine)

Akebia is an easy climber to grow and seriously under rated, this is a super plant for early season interest on a trellis, arch or pergola. The young plants will often start to flower at a young age, often in the season after planting so you wont have to wait long for the show of chocolate coloured flowers! Combine them with later season climbers such as Roses or Clematis plants to keep interest and colour going in the garden. Although the Chocolate Vine has the potential to grow up to 10 metres, these handsome plants are usualkly much smaller and easily maintained to the size of your supports. Well established Chocolate Vines may produce unusual sausage shaped fruits during warm summers if you have 2 or more plants that can cross pollinate.

Any reasonable garden soil that has good drainage is fine, Akebia quinata will thrive in sun or partial shade. Litle aftercare is needed more than a trim or tidy up after flowering if the plant is looking unkempt. As with all new climbers, we recommend keeping an eye on watering for the first season and giving the young plants a generous mulch. Adding Rootgrow at planting time will give them the best start.