An attractive fruit tree with green foliage and small white flowers in spring and summer. Being grafted onto a semi dwarfing rootstock St Julien A this tree will make a height of 3-4 metres in time making these trees suitable for gardens of most sizes.

The fruits can be insipid and dull in appearance but the truly outstanding flavour of these plum like fruits more than compensate for their lack of beauty. This is a very old fashioned variety with medium sized yellow – green fruits and sweet juicy flesh that are ready to eat in August.

Although not a heavy cropper and preferring to grow in the warmer climes in the South of the country this Greengage will still produce small crops of exceptional tasting fruit in the north.

Sold and supplied as a sturdy 2yr bare root bush tree, these trees are available for planting in season from November until March which is the correct time for planting. When planting we recommend adding Rootgrow to give the young tree a good start, its also worth adding a generous quantity of good quality garden compost or well rotted farmyard manure – ensuring always that it is well mixed with the soil.