Greengage Trees

Greengage trees can be a great addition to your plot, although the fruits may look rather plain and uninviting – they have an exceptional flavour and will quickly become a firm favourite for all who enjoy good jams, pies and desserts!

Greengages are easy to grow and will tolerate all garden soil types (that do not become waterlogged in wet spells), our Greengage trees are grafted onto a St Julien A rootstock and will grow to around 4 metres high over time. Greengage trees are best planted in full sun and once established require little maintenance.


Greengages love good soil preparation, do try and add generous amounts of good quality garden compost of well rotted farmyard manure to improve the soil, being sure to mix and incorporate it well before planting.

Our Greengage trees are best planted with another plum tree for pollination – either of our plums (Czar or Victoria) are ideal.

When planting we recommend using rootgrow to give your young Greengage trees a great start, it pays to keep the immediate area around your young tree free of weeds and grass for the first couple of seasons, adding a mulch of bark chippings or similar will also conserve moisture during dry weather and result in better growth and earlier cropping.

We also stock many other fruiting trees such as Apples, Plums, Cherries, Pears, Figs, Quinces, Damsons and Mulberries, all chosen for their hardiness and reliability in UK gardens.