As a well-known deciduous tree, silver birch (also known as betula pendula) is known for its glossy dark green leaves that turn a stunning golden yellow colour during autumn months. This allows the stark, white multi-stem trees to shine and interest during winter months when colour is sparse. If you’re looking to add visual interest to your garden, multi-stem silver birch hedges are the ideal plant for you.

As an ornamental tree, it grows for a long period of time (20 years), so you’ll be able to enjoy its slow progress throughout the seasons. As a hardy plant capable of withstanding a number of different conditions, this multi-stem silver birch is suitable for most locations across the UK, as well as most garden types. You can also see our single stem silver birch trees for more details.

Caring for Multi-Stem Silver Birch

As an extremely hardy plant, multi-stem silver birch requires very little care. Aside from watering regularly during summer months, simply provide fertiliser such as Mycorrhizal Fungi fertiliser to maximise the growth potential of your plant. In terms of planting, it doesn’t matter about the soil type, and they can even stand short periods of waterlogging, but we would suggest a full sun or partially shaded planting site is chosen for your new hedge plant.

In terms of pruning, very little is needed and only required depending on your personal preferences. If you would like to prune your silver birch, this should be completed when the tree is in full leaf in late spring, otherwise, this can structurally damage the tree and hinder future growth.

Silver Birch multi-stem trees can grow up to 6m with a maximum width of 5m, so there’s plenty of this tree to enjoy. However, throughout its growth, we recommend using spiral tree guards if you have problems with rabbits, as silver birch can be vulnerable to them in its early stages.

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