Plum Crimson Dwarf is one of the common names for Prunus x cisterna. The other most commonly used name is Purple Leaf Sand Cherry. The genus for this colourful shrub is Prunus which in turn is part of the Rosaceae family. This delightful hybrid was brought from the U.S.A in the early part of the century and is worthy of a place in the garden either as an informal hedge or as feature shrubs dotted around flower beds where their stunning foliage which is red when young and matures into a rich deep purple -red can be shown to their best advantage. The vibrantly coloured leaves make a perfect backdrop for the dainty bowl shaped pale pink/white flowers which appear in spring followed by dark red cherry like fruits.

Plum Crimson Dwarf is a particularly attractive hardy shrub will slowly grow to a height of approximately 180cm. If planting as a hedge then 3-5 plants per metre will give good a effect. They can be planted in any many sites chalky, sandy or clay as long as the soil is well drained. They foliage benefits from a sunny spot but they will cope with part shade they will also cope with a slightly more exposed site. This bushy shrub is best trimmed after flowering to keep the shape and stimulate the new eye-catching foliage.

We supply this fantastic shrub in pots which means it can be planted at any time of the year as there is little or no root disturbance. Buying potted plants also means there is no pressure should the weather not allow planting out when they have arrived. Grouping together in the garden and keeping them watered means they can be planted out at your convenience.

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