A relatively new plant in Great Britain the Hazel Red Majestic or Corylus avellana Red Majestic is a deciduous red leaved form of the Corkscrew Hazel having the same curiously twisted habit of growth but with rich wine-red foliage and purple red catkins that emerge on the bare branches in late winter through to early spring.

It is very similar in colour to the Purple Hazel but has the curiously contorted growth to enhance its appearance. The Hazel Corkscrew was first located in this country in Gloucestershire in the mid-nineteenth century with Corylus avellana being a native of Europe and western Asia.

Grown generally as an ornamental specimen the Hazel Red Majestic can be either a dense shrub or a small tree and make a wonderful addition to any planting scheme to give colour and interest with its erratic twists through the winter months. A hardy eye-catching plant Corylus avellana Red Majestic is easy to grow as well as producing red nuts which are very popular with wildlife.

As it is an easy to grow specimen the Hazel Red Majestic will quite happily grow in any reasonable moist but well-drained soil especially chalky soils and preferably in full sun to enhance the colour although it will tolerate a little shade. Over a period of time perhaps up to 20 years it will spread to approximately 4 metres tall by 4 metres wide but can be kept pruned as required in late winter.

We supply Corylus avellana Red Majestic as a pot grown plant and as such it can go into the garden at any time of year with little trauma to the root system. If growing as a shrub or a tree a reasonable amount of room needs to be allocated for the plant to give of its best potential.

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