Quickthorn, Double Pink (Crataegus l.Rosea Flore Pleno)
A profusion of rich pink double flowers clothe the branches in mid to late spring These compact shrubby little trees are closely related to the Hawthorn commonly used for hedging, grown for their profusion of highly ornamental double flowers in spring they are tolerant of most soils, exposed and coastal sites making them a reliable addition especially suited to smaller spaces. The flowers contrast nicely against the mid green foliage, they develop into a neat round headed tree.

The Ornamental “Hawthorns” are reliable hardy small trees, undemanding and easy to grow in any soil. The beauty of their flowers and fruits makes them worthy of a place in any garden, they are however well suited to industrial sites, coastal areas and windy exposed situations. When established they will tolerate drought and waterlogged soil.The prickly, twiggy branches are covered in a profusion of double pink flowers in May followed by bright red oval fruits in autumn. Mid green foliage, bushy dense round headed tree.