Wisteria Venusta also known as Wisteria venusta alba but more commonly referred to as the ‘Silk Wisteria’ originating from Japan produces a dramatic floral display in late spring and early summer. This stunning variety has fresh green dense downy foliage, soft and furry to touch emerging from the deciduous woody vine at around the same time as an abundance of compact racemes of flowers. The flowers of this gorgeous climber, attractive to butterflies, are highly scented pea like snowy white flowers with a conspicuous vibrant yellow spot. The racemes can be up to 30cm in length and are followed by velvety seedpods similar to bean pods.

This delightful vine is a thing of great beauty when in flower and is suitable for training along a wall, against a building, up pergolas, over arches, along verandas or even through a tree as long as the structure is sturdy as the vine does become weighty, especially in the spring and summer months as it ages. It is also possible to grow and keep Silk Wisteria as a standard or bonsai making this simply magnificent plant a very versatile and useful vine.

Once established, it is an extremely hardy long lived vigorous climber which can grow up to 12 metres, all the time climbing, as with all Japanese Wisteria in a clockwise direction. For best flower production, it is best planted in full sun and well drained soil with pruning being required to keep to a manageable size and to encourage the flowering. The best time to prune is after flowering in early to mid-summer, pruning the new seasons long shoots from the main framework back to approximately 6 inches long. If pruning is done in winter, it should be done with care as this can stimulate excessive vegetative growth.

All our Wisteria are sold as grafted plants to ensure flowering from a young age.

These are sold as pot grown which helps when trying to plan planting as they can be planted out at any time of year subject to availability. Please call the office if there is any further information you would and we will do our best to help.