This type of mixed hedging is one of the most economical and environmentally friendly options of hedging especially where cost is a consideration. This stewardship hedgerow mix is one of the most popular for the farming community both for stock proofing or just delineating boundaries around fields, woodlands and down roadsides. These mixes can be grown very dense and while protecting and ensuring the safety of stock will also deter intruders. Our stewardship mix fully meets the requirements of the stewardship scheme.

Plant at a density of 5 per metre for a solid stockproof hedge, for a really thick double row hedge 7 plants per metre may be used.

The diverse range of flowers and berries along with the autumn colour provided by the foliage of this economic hedge also provides a safe habitat and food for a wide range of wildlife species. The sloe berries which appear on the Blackthorn plants are always welcome for those who enjoy the odd warming glass of Sloe Gin!  The mix is chosen for its ability to be grown in almost any site, they are tough hardy native plants that will quickly establish and thrive in sun and partial shade and windy and exposed sites with only a small amount of maintenance for the busy farmer. They are best trimmed anytime from August ideally in winter.

The mainstay of a stewardship hedgerow mix is 70% Quickthorn (Hawthorn) with the balance of a minimum of 5 species taken from a selection of the following Common Alder, Blackthorn (Sloe), Dog Rose, Common Dogwood, Field Maple, Hazel, and Spindle to ensure a wide range of interest around the farm. Most hedgerow mixes come in various sizes and selecting a suitable size is determined by need and budget but smaller plants are recommended if in filling an existing hedge is required to thicken it up as they are more easily able to take root quickly before bulking up to provide cover whilst competing with the existing hedge.

A friendly heads up about our stewardship hedgerow mix……

Products in our Farm Stewardship Hedging section are priced on a wholesale basis for larger scale farm and professional users and so in the spirit of wholesale, a minimum order value of £250 (excluding VAT) applies. We still accept orders below this value, but we must point out that they will automatically attract a £49 (excluding VAT) delivery charge to cover our packing, administration and delivery costs fully on these low margin products.

If your order is significantly under £250 it would almost certainly be more economical for you (after the delivery cost has been applied) to order from our mixed native hedging page where the plants may cost a little more but delivery is free on orders over £60 (ex VAT).